Driver’s Month Meme Competition announced – enter now

Three $100 vouchers to give away

Get your witticisms on and your creative juices flowing and show us your best memes about the City of Adelaide’s elected member decision to run a “Drivers Month” encouraging people to drive to the city.

When 36% of city users (the % that come by car) are given 85% of road space at the expense of everyone else, when cars are given priority on all 17 major roads in the city and most lane ways, and then Drivers Month is announced to provide them with more support, it is hard to know where to go with that.

We decided on humour, because sometimes a laugh can help, and we all need to stay sane right now. Please, join us. Make something great that we can share on social media to help shed light on the concept of Drivers Month.

Competition rules

  • You can enter as many times as you like.
  • Can ask to stay anonymous if you prefer.
  • PG memes please and obviously no hate speech. (Many of us feel disrespected by this decision but memes that bully or harass are not OK. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun though ???? )
  • Your work must be your own.
  • Competition ends Tuesday 15th September

How to enter

Create and share your memes with us and we will share them on Facebook. Feel free to also post your own memes on your social media pages. You can share them with us on our Facebook page or email to

The prizes

We will pick three winners based on awesomeness. The winners can pick any City of Adelaide business they would like to frequent and we will buy them a $100 voucher.

Entrants that make up the 64% of city users that walk, cycle or catch public transport to the city deserve rewarding. If you own a city business and would like to help us reward the 64% get in touch.

More information on Drivers Month

Drivers month aims to encourage people to drive to the city using prizes and pro car initiatives. The agreed package collated by Councillors instructs staff to hold a Drivers Month by November and includes:

  • A $100 gift voucher given weekly to a random user of the Park Adelaide App. To be spent only at Adelaide City based Businesses;
  • Appropriate promotional street-side material
  • Incentives to park and drive in the CBD in Adelaide
  • Requesting the State Government implement a uniform 60kmp/h speed limit on all Park Lands roads
  • Any other measures which will directly improve ease of access for drivers within the city
  • Marketing and publicity measures appropriate to the above.

Which Councillor’s supported Drivers Month?

The motion was proposed by Jessy Khera, and seconded by a member of Team Adelaide.

For: Alex Hyde, Arman Abrahimzadeh, Jessy Khera, Mary Couros, Franz Knoll, Simon Hou, Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor (no vote but supportive in the press saying “we need to encourage more people to the city”). This majority group of Councillors votes as a block on nearly all motions and is often referred to as Team Adelaide. Bikeways in the city have also been delayed indefinitely by this group.

Against: Helen Donovan, Robert Simms, Phillip Martin, Anne Moran, and Greg Mackie.

*early competition entries are used in this post.