Yearly archives: 2015

Minister’s reply re. Mount Barker freeway interchange

We’ve received a letter from the Minister about provision for cyclists at the new freeway interchange at Mount Barker.

Essentially, the government is not widening the Freeway underpass, so cyclists will have to be content with a 1.3m wide “advisory” bike lane, which they will have to share with pedestrians. There’s nothing for cyclists at the upgraded intersection with the old Princes Highway.

Frome Bikeway committee meeting Tuesday 20 October

A Council Committee meeting will vote on further steps for the Frome Bikeway tomorrow. We tell you how you can attend or watch, via the web. You can also read the text of an email that we’ve sent to all Councillors, asking them to leave the existing Bikeway as is and to put in painted bike lanes on the rest of Frome Street, pending a more permanent arrangement after 2017, when buses are scheduled to no longer use Frome Street.

Frome Bikeway Further Report

Adelaide City Council’s staff have produced a new report on the Frome Bikeway.  It’s due to be discussed at a Committee meeting 6 October, with the resolution forwarded to the […]

Minister’s response re. Portrush bike lanes

Transport Minister Mullighan has announced a resumption in the introduction of bike lanes on Portrush Road, following complaints by BISA about the delay. But we will still be campaigning for the bike lanes for the entire road.

Progress on the Beulah Road bike boulevard

The first stage of Beulah Road bike boulevard has been completed, with new roundabouts in Norwood and a cyclist crossing of Portrush Road. Progress is underway further east, near Glynburn Road. Read more..