Frome Bikeway committee meeting Tuesday 20 October

There will be a committee meeting to discuss the Further Report on the Frome Bikeway on Tuesday 20 October.  You can download the report and the recommendations to Council from the council website.  Note that it is a large pdf.  The report starts on page 267.

We have written a email to all the Councillors asking them to (1) make only minor safety improvements to the section between Carrington St and Pirie Street, and (2) install painted bike lanes between Pirie Street and North Terrace on an interim basis, pending the removal of buses on Frome Street from 2017.  You can read the text here.

You can attend view the Committee proceedings in person, from 6pm tomorrow.  It would be good to show our support for the Bikeway.  However if you can’t attend, the proceedings are streamed on the web.  (The ACC site for this notes that you will need to download the Lync Web App to view proceedings, and explains how to do so.)