The new bike laws need your help – please act now

The new regulations that clarify the safe space that motorists have to leave when passing cyclists, and allowing cycling on footpaths unless Councils say otherwise, are in danger of being rejected by parliament.  Three members of the the Legislative Council are threatening to move that the regulations be disallowed and so far the Liberal are not saying whether or not they will support the move.  If they do, the opponents of the new regulations will have the numbers to have them disallowed.   They will come in law on 25 October, but will no longer apply when the Legislative Council votes.

In an earlier post we’ve said who is threatening to move disallowance in an earlier post: Xenophon MLC, John Darley, supported by Family Firsters Rob Brokenshire and Dennis Hood.

Critical here is the position of the Liberal Party and particularly the Shadow Minister for Transport, Corey Windward and the party leader, Stephen Marshall.  Please write to them and to your local Liberal MP if you have one, asking them to put cyclist safety above party political mischief-making.  You can find their emails here.

We’ve draft a possible letter that you could draw on.  But the important thing is that you simply tell them you care.

You can read the wording of the draft regulations here.  The regulations they amend are here.