Bikes for Refugees Annual Report

The annual report of Bikes for Refugees (BFR) is now available.  From the summary:

Bikes for Refugees SA Inc continued its main areas of activity:

(a) “Bikes for Refugees scheme” – a bike recycling service to provide people on low income –principally asylum seekers and refugees – with secondhand bikes, free ; and new helmets, lights and locks at low cost

(b) “Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop” – a community enterprise open to the public, where volunteers help people keep their bikes on the road, people can buy parts etc.

During the year, we sourced 497 bikes, returned 438 to active use and used the other 59 for  parts. Of the 438, 398 were given to people in need, and 40 sold to raise funds.

We also assisted the public with repairs, parts, information on 327 occasions.

Thus during 2014-15, we assisted 600-700 people, with free bikes; repairs, and other forms of help.

During the year also BFR and the Workshop shifted from Plympton to the Joinery, 111 Franklin Street (which has resulted in an increase in activity) and was granted charity status.