Gawler Greenway Update…

At their meeting next week, Port Adelaide/Enfield will consider a proposal to partner with DPTI in a project that will see the Gawler Greenway extended to Mawson Lakes and the Little Para Bike Path.
The Gawler Greenway route will proceed along Janice Jensen Reserve to Regency Road and thence to Narweena Road and the Port Expressway via SA Water land. A link (see ‘A’ in the map below) will connect to the Northern Connector Bikeway via a culvert under the Port Expressway (PREXY).

The Gawler Greenway will continue north from point ‘B’ and from the point indicated by the arrow in the second map below.

Although this is entirely a DPTI project the PA/E Council is being asked to fund a footpath along Narweena Road (as an alternative bike route to the on-road bike lane) and to take custody of the Greenway asset and its longer-term maintenance – hence next week’s discussion.

Sam, Secretary, PortBUG.