BISA lobbies Adelaide, Unley councillors

BISA chair Fay Patterson has written to each Councillor of the Unley and Adelaide City councils before crucial votes are to be taken on the Rugby-Porter route and the Frome Bikeway respectively.

There was doubt about whether the Unley Council would adopted changes to the Rugby-Porter route to improve conditions for cyclists, so Fay wrote to the Councillors pointing to the wisdom of doing so.  You can read her email here:

20170227 Email to Unley Mayor and Councillors re Rugby Porter route

Fortunately the changes were adopted at the meeting held later that day, 27 February.

Fay has written to the Adelaide City Councillors urging them to rescind the decision to replacing the existing Frome Bikeway with a thinner version.  The recommendation is: “rescind the decision to reinstate 4 lanes of traffic, build the rest of the north-south Bikeway, then reassess the existing infrastructure”.

Hopefully this argument will win the day, especially in light of community consultation revealing some much hostility to replacing the existing bikeway, and so little support.

You can read Fay’s email to the Adelaide City Councillors here:

20170227 Letter ACC Councillors re Frome Bikeway