Mike Turtur Bikeway upgrade

It is exciting to see DPTI and Unley Council have come to an agreement about the improvements and long term management of the Mike Turtur Bikeway section between King William Road and Goodwood Road. Many of you will know this section definitely needs upgrading. DPTI have developed a concept plan with council and it was recently out for public consultation.

We took the opportunity at the invitation of the Unley BUG to visit the site and talk with residents who had concerns about the loss of trees and path width. It was great to connect with locals. From this, as well as further site visits by our engineer Fay Patterson and discussions with the DPTI design team (who have been open and available to discuss design details which is appreciated), we prepared a submission of support with some ideas for improvement 202006 Mike Turtur_BISA

It has been fantastic to openly talk with different parties and DPTI. We believe this engagement and consultation is important, and ultimately can lead to better outcomes. Thank you to all parties involved, including the Unley BUG chairperson Jennifer Bonham who wanted to ensure local views were heard.

Thank you also to Fay Patterson for her efforts with this submission. Each of us are volunteers with a passion for a better bike friendly world. If that sounds like you get in touch about how you can help out.