Stop this government destroying our city

For at least 60 years Australian governments have been claiming to fight traffic congestion by knocking down houses and laying down more bitumen.

This government is no different, claiming it will “bust congestion” by building an urban freeway and widening roads at numerous intersections.  Like other Australian governments, it won’t admit that it can’t build its way out of congestion.

We need to make a stand.  A good place to start is the “upgrade” (DPTI speak for road widening) of the Portrush/ Magill intersection, a particularly useless and expensive  bit of urban vandalism – useless because peak hour traffic already backs up almost to Magill Road from the neighbouring major intersections at The Parade and Payneham Road.  (DPTI are currently “thinking about” what they are going to do at those intersections.)

The metropolitan arterial roads are already the ugliest feature of our city.  Growing ever wider, they divide neighbourhoods, ruin our amenity and make cycling and walking that much more difficult.

Click this link for suggestion about how you can join our campaign to stop the road widening of Magill and Portrush Roads.

You can read more about the campaign on a website built by those whose homes will be destroyed.