A development from the 1980s planned for the Caroma site, Norwood

The Caroma site on Magill Road, Norwood, is a rare opportunity to provide a community asset and space for sustainable living.

Instead, the developers want to see townhouses with more car parking than the Council’s development plan requires and bike parking that is mystifying, but appears to ignore plan requirements.

Moreover, they want to put in a right turn lane on Magill Road. Right turning traffic is the most common cause of crashes involving cars and cyclists on Magill Road.

But wait, there’s more. To provide space for this right turn lane, the developers want to take away the bike lane, noting casually:

“The actual impact on cycling will be minor with discontinuous bicycle lanes to the west on Magill Road. Alternative bicycle routes are also available (via Beulah Road to the south) for safer travel by cyclists not confident enough to contend with sharing the kerbside lane with traffic. The lack of bicycle lane will not deter the more experienced commuter cyclists using Magill Road.”

Magill Road is designated by DPTI as a “Major Cycling Road (metro)”, the role of which is to provide:

“Direct, continuous links to the Adelaide CBD, regional centres, district centres and major employment areas, as well as access to key cycle trip generators (e.g. strip and local shopping, educational institutions and places of cultural and social activity.” 

We’ve lodged our objections with the State Commission Assessment Panel.

You can download the development application documents at the Assessment Panel’s website, but they are 75MB.