BISA’s AGM: new committee, more reports

BISA held it’s AGM on Thursday, 17 May.

The committee elected has a familiar look, the changes being that Katie Gilfillan has replaced Fay Patterson as chair and Scott Sims has replaced Katie as Vice-Chair.  Also, Paul May did not stand for re-election.  His position has been filled by Richard Bentley.

The new committee is:

Katie Gilfillan (Chair)

Scott Sims (Vice-Chair)

Brian Jenkins (Secretary)

Stephen Janes (Treasurer)

Other committee members: Richard Bentley, Fay Patterson, Sam Powrie, Ian Radbone, Heather Smith, Andrew Waugh.

Please note that the constitution allows the committee to co-opt up to three more members, and in any case all members are welcome to attend our meetings, so if you would like to be more involved, please contact Brian:

Former Chair Fay Patterson produce two further reports for the AGM: the  Chair’s Report 2017-18 (in effect, our annual report of activities) and a report on Facebook activities, which is a useful guide to what is working and what doesn’t on Facebook.