Bicycle policy scorecard – Election 2018

BISA is happy to release our Bicycle Policy Scorecard to help people vote to support transport cycling this election. 

We asked all parties to commit to 5 proposals to promote everyday riding in SA. Our scorecard explains how they responded and also explains any transport related cycle policy released by the party during the election campaign

Bicycle policy scoreboard

BISA’s 5 proposals were:

1. Invest $75 million each year for 4 years to fund priority cycle infrastructure

2. Complete SA bike riders’ Top 10 infrastructure priorities by 2022 (with councils)

3. Directly fund the Metropolitan LGA’s Cycling Strategy, and direct $10 million per year to local bicycle infrastructure

4. Commit a yearly budget to improve the safety of cyclists on DPTI roads

5. Delegate a DPTI ‘program’ to active transport. FUND it and REPORT on it!

Details about these 5 proposals are available at the following link:

State election 2018 – Investment in cycling