Frome Bikeway: Adelaide City Council listens!

Last night Cllr Abiad put up the motion that he foreshadowed, but added a variation: no part of the existing bikeway would be replaced until the section north of Pirie Street has been completed.  With this variation, the motion was strongly supported.  Click here for a motion as adopted.

BISA wrote to the Councillors pointing out the wisdom of delaying the replacement until cyclists have had a chance to experience the new design, so we are happy with the outcome.  

Councillor Abiad also said that although the design framework allows for bike lanes as narrow as 2m, this would not be necessary in the case of Frome Street, where the minimum would be 2.3m.  Council has also specified that the separated lane would be either flush with the footpath or stepped, in the so-called “Copenhagen” style – that is, no danger of pedal strike.

We’ve told Cllr Abiad that we are “hopeful” that the new design will be an improvement, but if it’s not, he will certainly hear about it! 

All the Councillors are obviously keen to get on with building the rest of the Bikeway.  So are we!