$12m for separated bike lanes in the City

  • east west bikeways

We’ve just heard that the ACC and the State government have agreed to a $12m fund to provide separated bikeways in the City: extending the Frome Bikeway to the Torrens and a new east-west bikeway. (A report put to council last night said that three options for a new east –west route were being considered: Grote-Wakefield, Flinders-Franklin and Pirie-Waymouth. But at another point the report seems to favour the last of these.)

Whatever the option, the news that Council will be working with the State government to provide a quality connection between “Kent Town” and “Mile End” is very welcome, as it suggests a separated lane on the Hilton Bridge at Mile End.

Also the idea of an upgrade to the  Free City Bike scheme to allow  “point to point” use should see the already popular scheme much more popular.

It’s very good news, but we are concerned about one paragraph from the report:

“Changes to the current separated design of Frome Bikeway to enable two lanes of motor vehicle traffic in both directions during peak hours, funded through Council’s contribution to the project.”

This is despite Council’s own report saying that it won’t do anything for traffic capacity. No wonder the State government refuses to help fund that bit!

We’ve been told by the Lord Mayor that we will be consulted in the design. We keep to our position that any changes to the existing bikeway need to allow enough room for one cyclist to pass another.

You can download the report (embargoed until now): Council Report – City of Adelaide Bikeways Projects – July 2016

There is also a “prospectus” for the new spending: City of Adelaide Bikeways Prospectus