Operation Moving Traffic: some ideas

The State Government’s Operation Moving Traffic is an ongoing exercise to more efficiently move people and goods.  The stress is on cheap, smart ideas.

Despite the title, we’ve been told that cycling and safety in general are certainly part of the mix.  BISA committee member  (and traffic engineer) Fay Patterson has emailed her ideas for Operation Moving Traffic.  We’ve posted them   and you can find them by clicking this link.  (PDF, 4.6mb).

Fay has drawn on suggestions presented by BISA members in compiling her list.

As well as things like putting bike refuges at “seagull” crossings of main roads, Fay also suggests a cheap way to improve safety coming off the Crafers Bikeway at the Toll House, and ideas for making life easier for pedestrians. And cars aren’t forgotten either, with seemingly easy ways to relieve traffic on Glen Osmond Road and Pulteney / Rundle Streets.

One interesting idea is that we should follow Belgium’s lead in requiring contraflow cycling on all one-way streets, unless the Council can provide to the government good reasons why they shouldn’t be allowed to on a specific street.

We’d like to know what you think of Fay’s proposals.  And as noted above, Operation Moving Traffic is an ongoing exercise, so if you have ideas that you think should be taken up, please email us at secretary[AT]bisa.asn.au.