Australian Cycling Conference 2015

Following the great success of Velo-City Global 2014 in Adelaide, what was formerly known as the Australian Cycling Conference is pleased to announce the 2015 annual conference will be in July with a new name and wider brief – the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference (AWCC).

When: Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 July 2015
Where: Adelaide

Many of you will have attended Velo-City Global 2014. This conference stimulated an enormous lot of thinking and energy about cities of the future and the place walking and cycling can have in them.

  • What have you been thinking about cities and towns since Velo-City Global 2014?
  • What have you been planning or doing to ensure healthy and sustainable mobility?
  • How have your ideas developed?

Why not get your thoughts organised and present at the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference, Adelaide July 2015?

And of course, if you didn’t get to attend Velo-City Global, now is the time to move with walking and cycling, at the AWCC in Adelaide.

Conference presentations

2015 Australian Walking and Cycling Conference presentation will follow successful Velo City Global presentation styles.
These include

  • Learnshops, Round Table presentations, Spin Cycle, Walking and Cycling Tours.
  • Visit the Conference website for more information, see
Bikeable City Masterclass C0penhagen

Bikeable City MASTERCLASS Copenhagen  26-30 May 2015.
Details HERE

Peter Lumb for the Australian Walking and Cycling organising committee.