Improved cyclist facilities at Adelaide Airport

Bicycle Institute member, Adelaide and Prospect BUG co-ord and tireless campaigner Heather reports on a major win for cyclists who use Adelaide Airport. Highlighting to the General Manager that the world’s cycling community are coming to Adelaide for Velo-city she identified some facilities that should be available for visitors and locals who use the airport.

Read a copy of her letter here.

Secure Bicycle Parking — A secure storage facility is currently being constructed to provide cyclists with a secure location to store bicycles, on a fee for service basis. The fee will be modest and is intended to ensure that these facilities are available for travellers, not airport employees.
The facility is located at the southern end of the old International Terminal Building, approximately 90m from the northern exit of the main terminal building (T1).

Free Bicycle Parking — A new free bicycle parking area will be constructed adjacent to the secure storage facility to provide cyclists with a choice of paid (medium security) and free (lower security) bicycle parking facilities.

Bicycle ‘Service Stations’ — We have purchased 3 of these units for the assembly, disassembly and minor maintenance of bicycles that are being transported through the airport. The units will be installed adjacent to the Secure Bicycle Parking Facilities.

Short Term Bicycle Lockers — The installation of short term bike storage lockers (on a pay for use basis) has been negotiated with our current secure locker provider. The lockers are expected to be an addition to the current luggage lockers that are located on the ground floor of the multi-story (short term) carpark.
As airlines generally do not accept luggage prior to a flight’s published check-in time, this service will allow cyclists to preposition a disassembled (and boxed) bicycle at the airport and then retrieve it prior to check-in.
Please note that these lockers were not available as a standard ‘off the shelf’ solution from our contracted locker provider. We have been in discussions with our provider for several months and we now have a workable solution that is expected to be in place very soon.

Bike Box ‘Recycling’ Service — We have been working on the issues associated with this proposal; including aviation security constraints, recycled box facilitation and storage, and the required hours of operation.
With these issues now considered, we have constructed a room to store bike boxes that are discarded by arriving passengers and these boxes will be available for collection by cyclists departing at the end of the event.
The facility is co-located with the Secure Bicycle Parking Facilities and ‘Service Stations’ so that cyclists have a convenient single location for all bicycle activities.
We do not intend to charge for this service but offer it as a goodwill measure to cyclists attending the Velo-city event.

We will soon be seeking volunteers to help us during the event and any advice or assistance your group can provide would be welcome.
In relation to the sale of bike transportation boxes; both major airlines offer their approved bicycle packing boxes for sale and we do not see any benefit to travellers by duplicating this service.

Current Bicycle Facilities — The existing free bicycle parking area, located in the multi-story (short term) car park will remain.

Pedestrian Access from Sir Donald Bradman Drive — A project to provide a suitable pedestrian path between Sir Donald Bradman Drive and Terminal 1 commenced in Oct-2013 and was completed earlier this year.

As mentioned previously, Adelaide Airport is committed to continually improving the facilities for our passengers and visitors. I would be happy to meet with you on site after the Velo-city event and discuss any issues you may have with our operations.

Note: This is a great outcome (helped by pending Velo-city conference) after Adelaide BUG first contacted Adelaide Airport Management Centre on 19-Jun-2012.