Our AGM will be held 6.30, 18 May. The guest speaker will be David Pisoni, MLA and Shadow Minister for Transport. Read more about the event here.

Minister promises to look at bollards

BISA’s campaign against badly designed bollards has reached parliament, with Minister Malinauskas promising to look into the issue, in response to questions by Hons Mark Parnell and Kelly Vincent. You […]


Bollards are often irritating, and many of us have damaged our bikes or ourselves by hitting a bollard. After a cyclist was killed last year by hitting a bollard in Goolwa, BISA has decided enough is enough, and is campaigning to get dangerous and unreasonably obstructive bollards removed.
We aroused the “disappointment” of the Adelaide City Council with this campaign, so to be fair to them, we are trying to find one of their bollards that meets standards set for bollards. A midi-sized Haighs chocolate frog will go to someone who identifies such a bollard.
But if none is identified, the frog will go to the person who identifies the worst bollard anywhere in South Australia. More to the point, we will campaign to get it removed!

City Bikeways Consultation Report

The City Bikeways Consultation Report has been posted. You can find it here: 20170228 ACC City BIkeways Consultation Council Agenda paper It canvasses the views of businesses, residents, cyclists, professionals […]

Campbelltown Bicycle Plan

The Campbelltown City Council has commissioned a bicycle plan, but is taking a long time to adopt it.  We’ve urged its adoption and recommended that it be amended to provide […]